Humane Society Donation Drive

For the past few weeks, business students at Robertson College have been taking a project management course. We were tasked with planning and performing a project that would benefit a charity. Our group, dedicated to the well-being of our animal companions, decided to raise funds and collect food donations for the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Winnipeg Humane Society at 45 Hurst Way

The Winnipeg Humane Society was founded in 1894 and is the oldest animal shelter and welfare organisation in Manitoba. Their mission is to protect animals from suffering and promote their welfare and dignity.

Our group chose to run a raffle lottery to raise money, as well as set up a box where students could drop off their pet food donations. Our project manager, Dianne Sauvlet, was also able to set up a donation bin at her son’s school, Ecole Provencher.

20160621_161443 (1)The prizes for the raffle draw were two $20 gift cards for Kawaii Crepe, received as a donation. Our goal for the drive was to raise $75 and collect at least 20 food items. Raffle tickets were either sold for a dollar each, or awarded in return for a food donation. We sold the tickets from June 13th to the drawing date, June 15th.

Donation Day

In that time, we managed to sell 103 tickets, raising $103 dollars. We also received $7 in cash donations, and 16 pet food items. Our total donations were $110 and 16 pet food items, exceeding our cash goal! With the money that we raised, the Humane Society will be able to provide the animals with one cat spay/neuter, one heartworm test, and three vaccinations.

The project was a success thanks to the good work of all team members. We were able to help out a local charity, and gain real-world project experience. Our team found we worked well together and avoided running into large problems because of good communication and problem-solving skills.

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Siloam Mission Fundraising

The team has had the tremendous privilege to create a fundraising event for a project management module, to raise awareness and generate money for donation to support the work of the Siloam Mission organization which provides meals, clothing, shelter and hope to the less fortunate in our community.

The Fundraising Team: Sean, Janeen & Donald.

Siloam Mission is a not for profit organization that serves as a connecting point between the compassionate and Winnipeg’s less fortunate. In 1987, Suk Woon Lee, a former penitentiary inmate, founded Siloam Mission and worked with board members and volunteers with the goal of offering meals and counseling services. As demand for service grew, Siloam moved to a newly renovated larger facility at 300 Princess Street to accommodate shelter and added several new programs that are aimed to help people re-enter the workforce.

Siloam Mission building: 300 Princess St. Winnipeg, MB

The entire process was such a positive experience for all of us. We were able to work together as a team and managed to work our way through last minute changes and still achieve our objective. With the help of the Robertson college staff and students, we were able to raise $100.35 for donation, by selling K-Cups and Tim Horton’s Timbits. This allowed us to network and develop new relationships, as well as to get to know more about ourselves in terms of what we can achieve with only one idea, through the process of planning, effective communication, positive mindset, hard work, discipline, mutual respect and understanding.

The Team handing in the donation to Elizabeth Brigham (Community Liaison & Events Coordinator).

The Dream Factory

For our Project Management class, we were placed into groups and given an assignment to run a fundraiser, which would raise money for a local charity. Our group was made up of Judith, Andrew, and me (Selam). We agreed that a bake sale was the best idea for our group, as Judith, Andrew, and I all know how to bake. We decided on samosas, cupcakes, and biscuits, as well as freshly brewed coffee. We nominated Judith to be the project manager and began looking for local charities to raise money for. Andrew suggested The Dream Factory.

Looking for local charities and Andrew suggested The Dream Factory
The organization logo

The Dream Factory was founded in 1983 in Winnipeg and has made dreams come true for over 460 local sick children. The Dream Factory relies 100% on charitable donations and does not receive government funding, so we felt that this was a great charity to fundraise for.

On June 7 we did a project charter and action register, and we made some posters to advertise the bake sale, which would be on June 14. Our objective was to raise money for The Dream Factory by selling baked goods and coffee at Robertson College. We created a timeline to help us keep track of who was in charge of what tasks, from putting up posters and making classroom announcements, to the baking of the goods, to the final PowerPoint presentation.

Our bakesale poster

We would all take part in the baking aspect. Judith, the project manager, was responsible for providing cupcakes and napkins. I was in charge of making samosas, bringing coffee cups and lids, and Andrew was in charge of baking biscuits, bringing in a coffee maker, and bringing coffee and cream. We have a lot of fun planning the bake sale and marketing it with posters and classroom announcements.

Andrew going classrooms to talk about the bakesale

We put up posters and Andrew went to the classrooms on the 13th and 3rd floors to inform people about the bake sale. I brought some sample samosas for the group to try. Judith e-mailed. The Dream Factory to let them know we were having the bake sale and they offered to give us balloons, pamphlets and a banner to use for it!

The day of the bake sale was June 14th. We set up by 10:55am as people started to show  up.pic5

We sold out of all of my samosas, Andrews’s biscuits, and most of Judith’s cupcakes. The bake sale went great, and we exceeded our original estimated profit of $100 and made $129.00.

The food we baked
Our group

We brought the donations gathered to The Dream Factory on Thursday, June 16. They were very friendly and grateful and have us a tour of the office.

Handing the donation

Afterwards, we celebrated!

Celebration the milestone