Mother’s Gift Bag (Give hand Up to Mothers in Need)


We had a wonderful time to work as a team on a project about Villa Rosa. The project title was “Mother’s gift bag”, and  project description was “Give hand up to mothers in need


Villa Rosa created a safe environment where the young woman could find shelter during their pregnancies. The young expecting mothers are provided a place to live, individual counseling, life skills, education and community. Villa Rosa does follow-ups to 300 women every year.

Our project objective; in our initiation stage we discussed as a team and we came up with an objective that could be measurable, realistic, manageable, and timely managed.

As a team, we built-up our project charter with the necessary steps required to fulfill the project at hand. We decided on our work delegation to fulfill the project objectives.

Our implementation stage started off with a simple phone call to Villa Rosa to confirm our donation drive for the organization and to get an idea of items of scope.

Our objective was to collect 20 items for mothers in need, our items of scope where as follows:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Make-up
  • Body wash
  • Hair brush
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Body lotion
Our collections boxes are ready to go

As a group, we all came to the conclusion on which strategies that we could use to advertise our project.

  • Created posters
  • Flyers
  • Campaigned
Part of our project poster

Our next phase was to set up our donation bins located at the 433 Main St. Robertson College campus on the 13th floor and the 3rd floor. We have a picture below, showing where we have placed our donation bins. On a daily basis, we observed our donation bins to see how many items we accumulated.

Placing the collection box on 13th floor

The group equally took responsibility to complete the project presentation. On our last day for the group project, we explained what was necessary to be successful on this project. The team members equally shared responsibilities and expressed what they have learned during the project. The below picture is the four  dynamic team members, who decided to raise awareness for those mothers in need during their pregnancies at Villa Rosa.

The four dynamic team members ready for the presentation

What we learned during this project as a group.

  • Time management: we learned how to utilize our time well
  • Team builder; how to work as a team
  • Problem-solving; how to overcome challenges
  • When change occurs and how we adapt to the situation
  • Effective team members; we learned how to stay focused on the task at hand
  • Valuing team diversity; accepting ideas from the members of the team.
  • How to manage our resources
  • Project team development
  • Ethical behavior
  • Collaborating
  • Brain storming

We were happy to be part of a donation drive that was dedicated to helping mothers in need and to provide a gift bag to them with the collected items of scope. We appreciate and thank all those who contributed to our project and its success.

Prepared by:

Eric Ndahuara Mpangara

Wade Atkinson

Nataliya Kvas

Bin Yousaf






As a popular quote says “A small act of kindness makes a big difference”, yes, this is absolutely true. It is not the amount of money that matters the most, but our willingness to offer our heart and lend our hand to others who are in need. Let us start today! And be a hero through giving!

About the Project

Our project is about Fundraising for a cause and we selected to support CancerCare Manitoba Foundation through Team Sales Event. The event was held last October 12th, 2016 at 13th Floor, Robertson College, 433 Main St. Winnipeg, Manitoba. The project was a success because of the commitment, camaraderie, and enthusiasm that the team demonstrated to accomplish the goal.


Achieving team’s deliverables and objectives are not easy as project constraints and struggles are inevitable during the project implementation process. Nevertheless, with the clever and creative thinking of each member, we beat all those hitches we had encountered and reaped the rewards of success.

What we have learned?

Not every project achieves its brilliant success; failure may come in a way sometimes and this is a big challenge to consider. In making this project, we have learned the essence of teamwork; total commitment and dedication towards our work that made our project meet its deliverables.

Here are the achievements that made our project successful:

  • The objective of raising $ 60.00 Canadian Dollars was achieved; as a result, we raised $77.10 Canadian Dollars  from our Sales Event.
  • We demonstrated proactive approach not reactive one.
  • We developed proper project planning and implementation.
  • Team spirit that helps improves Teamwork.

Clothing Drive -Clothing Donation for Siloam Mission

We have had the tremendous privilege to work together on a charity group project by putting together a project charter, action register, progress report, project presentation, Post mortem report, and the likes to  bring about a charitable clothing donation for Siloam Mission.  This project was part of our project management course. Our objective was to work as a team in order to collect clothing donations for Siloam Mission, an NGO dedicated in helping the homeless people in Winnipeg.


Groups Discussing about the project

The mission statement of the organization is, I Quote, “A connecting point between the compassionate and Winnipeg’s less fortunate, Siloam Mission is a Christian humanitarian organization that alleviates hardships and provides opportunities for change for those affected by homelessness.”


Group member at work putting a poster on the notice board

We have decided to select Siloam Mission after a thorough discussion. And from there, we have learned how to delegate tasks among us by making use of our action register, and developed strategies that have allowed us to achieve our objectives in delivering the final result. We have also learned how to work as a team besides our assigned tasks. We have gained adequate knowledge and understanding on how a charitable project works, how to raise funds, and also how to plan for the unforeseen circumstances in case our original plan fails.

In the process of achieving our goal, we have learned to:

  • Work as a group harmoniously in raising charitable donations
  • Develop a project charter , action register and progress report
  • How to start by brainstorming  an idea in order to generate donations
  • How to present our project objectives  verbally and on posters
  • Visited Siloam Mission and deeply briefed by a staff member, Elizabeth, who helped us gain a lot to put things into perspective
  • Figured out the Mission of Siloam Mission and the vast activities it is undertaking in order to serve the disadvantaged ones.
  • Managed our time and other resources effectively
  • Work harmoniously and support each other in every aspect
  • If the original plan fails to materialize, we have learned how to adjust accordingly and proceed with a contingency plan.
  • How to Market and advertise our objective in order to generate as much donations as we can so as to exceed our targets in terms of project deliverables.


Arranging the box with poster

Once we decided to collect clothing, we then announced to the classes on the 3rd and 13th floor to the instructors and students so that they can be part of this noble idea of helping the helpless.


A team member on announcement for donations

In the meantime, we arranged with Siloam Mission to visit and know in depth about what they are doing.


Siloam Mission emergency Shelter

Siloam mission provides meal on average 1600 meals everyday three times a day and 365 days a year. It also provides temporary shelter for users to transit to their normal life. It also provides healthcare services. Mostly, they use volunteers to serve their clients.

The project that we chose, clothing donation, is one of the services that they render for the homeless people living in Winnipeg.


Team members with Siloam Mission Employee Elizabeth


Team Members sorting clothes

Healthcare services  at Siloam Mission


Team members visiting the clothing section

Originally, we planned to collect 10kgs of various adult clothing. However, at the end we managed to perform almost double which is a great achievement.


Team members on counting and sorting items

The experience we have had while working on this charity project, enabled us to have a better understanding on how charity group projects work, their noble idea in helping and giving the right dignity and respect for humanity in general.


Group members handing over the  clothing donations to Siloam Mission

Finally, we as a team are satisfied with the project that has been concluded in triumph.


We would like to thank everyone for your genuine support!!! We made it because of you!!







Donald’s Journey

Written by Spencer Smith

Donald enjoys many things in life; friends, faith and family. But Donald is not one to stop there; he is always determined to push himself further and higher; because proving it to himself is what really matters.

He began his journey in a pursuit to gain strength in the form of personal records, forced reps, and heavily plated barbells. What began as a one way road, turned into a deeper meaning of self-empowerment and satisfaction. It helps him relieve stress, and brings a feeling of content; because he knows he is pushing Donald to be better. Sometimes he finds it is difficult to influence others to chase this healthy lifestyle, but is always willing to guide and give a helping hand to someone who needs it. We all know you can only push someone so far in the right direction, and Donald believes the more you show others your work ethic and what it can bring; the more likely they will be attracted to do the same. ‘Motivation is the key to success, even if you leave the gym for a month, it is the motivation that will get you back again’. By what Donald says, it is clear to see he is a strong believer that life isn’t based off your circumstances, but rather the choices you make every day. It is the accumulation of Donald’s past football, basketball, and weight lifting career that makes him consistent in his pursuit to be better, and stop at no costs. And although sometimes Donald cannot always find the time to work out, we know he has the motivation to bring himself back again, and to go one more rep.













Being content with life is something everyone desires. Whether it comes in the form of faith, family or friendship, we can find it around us. But sometimes life will pull you out of your comfort zone, stretch and push you to your very limits. Sometimes it’s

In life it is the darkest moments that define us, shape us and show our true character. It is when our back is against the wall, and desperation sets in that we realize our true capabilities. But sometimes we pursue the darkness, not to find pain; but to find success. It is over these horizons that we discover the true meaning of pushing oneself, breaking barriers