Coffee Shops in Winnipeg – The Strong Badger Coffee House.


Why I Think ‘The Strong Badger Coffee House’ is One of the Best Coffee Shops in Winnipeg!

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The Best Coffee in Winnipeg is at The Strong Badger!
The Best Coffee in Winnipeg is at The Strong Badger Coffee House

The best coffee in Winnipeg to be had here at The Strong Badger

The Strong Badger Coffee House is one of one of Winnipegs best coffee shops” rel=”nofollow”>Winnipeg’s best coffee Shops as far as I’m Concerned, and why not! This particular coffee house embraces owners vision for serving and selling ethical coffee as well as showcasing the pulse of the communities music and arts. proprietor Brock Peters admits “I’m a lover of books, music, writing, nature, and community”, and so of course this is why the universe sees fit to bring forth such a vibrant positive force of Winnipeg’s best coffee and local talent here at The Strong Badger.

Its More Than Just A Good Cup of Coffee That Makes The Strong Badger One of The Best Coffee Houses

OK, the reason we know that the Strong Badger Coffee House has some of Winnipeg’s best coffee is because its brought to you by local Manitoba Artisan coffee roasters such as,

Other Brother Roasters

Other Brothers Coffee Roasters
other brothers coffee roaster logo

Black Pearl Coffee

Black Pearl Coffee Roasters
Black Pearl Coffee Roasters

Sheepdog Coffee Co.

Sheep Dog Coffee Roasters
Sheep Dog Coffee Roasters

Green Bean Coffee Imports

Green Bean Coffee Roasters
Green Bean Coffee Roasters

I Feel Its Highly Important that The Strong Badger Supports Local Coffee Roasters and Fair Trade Coffee for the Best Flavor!

Supporting local coffee roasters is of course important for the local economy and shows willingness to do business at the local level which is crucial for a thriving local economy.

Freshly roasted coffee beans means the best possibly quality in taste and flavors translated from the bean to your freshly brewed cup of coffee. The Strong Badger Coffee House both serves and sells several variety of fair trade and equitable coffees and coffee beans.The taste tells all the difference and is a most worthwhile experience for those who enjoy a real cup of coffee.

A Great Local Vibe to Set it Apart From the Other Cafes in Winnipeg!

The charming small cosy atmosphere is one of local woodsy warmth enhanced by the inviting aromas of fresh brewed coffees. The owner Brock works behind the counter making coffee and serving pastries while his partner helps out with everything else while treating patrons with an ever present beautiful smile along with their chocolate croissants and Americano coffee.

There are a couple of comfy couches and plenty of shelves with books and games while you can toil whole afternoons here indulging yourself and gorging out with mouth watering fresh baked pastries from local bakeries and with the best fresh roasted and brewed coffees.

The Strong Badger Coffee House Supports Local Artisan Bakeries for Only the Best Fresh Baked Goodies!

bakery-treatsHow can it get any better? You can also sit at one of the many wood tables if you wish and if your lucky you may get one by the window overlooking Ellice Avenue while enjoying The Strong Badger’s wares and atmosphere.

Where Coffee and Arts Culture Collide in Cafes in Winnipeg!

The Strong Badger Coffee House offers itself as a venue to local musicians and poets. The Google Events Calendar on its website shows regular scheduled events for writers, readings and music. If you feel like showcasing your local talent you can always sign up for ‘Open Mic’ for a ten minute slot to perform at the coffee house.

The best coffee shops also act as a reflection of real coffee culture serving as a conduit for the local scene. The Badger is also active outside its doors in the community serving the gospel of the best cup coffee you may have ever had in many locations in Winnipeg.

My Vote Is In – The Strong Badger Coffee House for Winnipeg’s Best Coffee Shop

In short there are many factors that add up to my vote for The Strong Badger Coffee House as being top contender for Winnipeg’s best coffee shop. The Strong Badger supports and is supported by the local community in ways that make it much more than just a sum of its parts. There is a communal spiritual magic that is alive and happens every-time a customer, a friend, or a passerby asking for directions walks in that door and is hit with the local charm and heady smells of fresh coffees and pastries and to me, that is why I think The Strong Badger Coffee House is Winnipeg’s best coffee shop. This is in consideration of the many other coffee places and cafes in Winnipeg that I have been to..