Smart Ways To Give Your Unused and Old Clothes a Fresh and Brand New Life – And Earn From Them Too!

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Who among us doesn’t like to shop for new hauls, right? But the thing is, not all of it will be used. You will probably wear those newly bought shirts and skirts for three times or even once then tuck it away again in your closet, then months or years after (yep), while cleaning your wardrobe, you will see a pile of neatly (maybe not?) folded clothes patiently waiting for you to be noticed.

Don’t tell me it never happens to you. No, don’t fool yourself.

Now ready your pens and papers because this list of tips might help you giving your beloved unused and old clothes a make-over:

  1. Since you’ve been keeping them for a long time inside a very dark and tight space, it might have a spite of smell, better wash the clothes first inside out and use to protect from damage to color and design of the shirt as well as for your jeans especially the dark ones.
Wash Inside Out Jeans
Wash Dark Jeans Inside Out to Prevent Fading (Source:

2. If your clothes has buttons and zippers, take time to zip and button up everything before tossing them in your laundry. This is important especially that it has become a trend nowadays for decorations and designs. So better be sure rather missing all the buttons and seeing the zippers getting caught with other parts of your clothing.

Plato's Winnipeg Jacket
Zip up them all. (Source:
Buttoned Up Polo (Source:

3. Use less detergent people! Or better, just stick with the instructions in the bottle instead of using your own “right” measurement. You might also want to use those Eco-friendly products because they are proven safer and gentle.

4. As possible as it is for you, air-dry or sun-dry your clothes. We all have our dryers at home and it is given that they are more convenient, but did you know that air or sun-drying is one of the easiest methods on keeping your garments looking like new? Machine drying actually disfigure the fabric of your favorite shirts especially if it is done for a long time and in full high speed.

Air Dry or Sun Dry Clothes
Air-drying or sun-drying is the secret. (Source

5. This one will not be a remedy for your old jeans but will actually help you on keeping your new and unused jeans in shape and good condition. Remember, the longer you leave it with less washing, the better it will look. If you need to remove stains or dirt, just rub it with a damp cloth. You can just also sun-dry or air-dry it to get rid of the smell or put it in a Ziploc then put it in the freezer to kill the bacteria and make them feel fresh and clean again. But if you’re starting to get uncomfortable, be sure to just wash it with very little soap in a cold water.

Do not wash jeans for up to 6 months, sounds gross but it works. (Source:

6. Do not tuck them away after washing and cleaning, one of the reasons why it was remained unused was because you kept them on the farthest place inside your closet, and the first thing we often wear are those within the reach of our eyesight. Hang them instead using wood or professional plastic hangers.

Hang them using wood or plastic hangers. (Source:

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Platos Closet Winnipeg
They pay cash! (Source:

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