About Us – BIM 11/12


(Please imagine a Morgan Freeman ‘type’ voice while reading…)


Since the dawn of time, when one caveman traded a rock with another caveman for a bone, humankind has conducted business with each-other. Today, BIM11 and BIM12 unite at Robertson College, Winnipeg, to construct a page showcasing our talent and ingenuity. Read on to uncover a bit more about us, our stories, our dreams, our goals, and maybe…just maybe… our souls.

Please join us on this journey and meet the team!



Dianne SauvletInternet Sales Coordinator

I have been in the work force for many years with positions in retail, factories and warehouses. The advertising/marketing aspect of a business has always fascinated me. When circumstances in my life changed recently I made a decision to go back to school to learn more about marketing. I feel that my work and life experience have been a benefit. I am a people person and a very good listener. These skills have been acquired from working in retail and customer service. The Business Administration/ Sales and Internet Marketing course at Robertson College has taught me what I need to know about the world marketing. I am excited about the continually growing internet marketing world. I look forward to embracing a career in online marketing.


Andrew S. GallingerSales and Internet Marketing Coordinator

A Bio about Andrew, how very exciting! If there’s one thing he loves its syllabic writing.

Born in Thunder Bay, but I dreamed for much more, I moved to Winnipeg, where I worked in a store.

In the Manitoba Film Industry, I also worked strong, when after ten years, something felt wrong.

My future felt different, but where should I go? Robertson College, where my knowledge will grow!

So I applied for BIM12, and was quickly accepted. Marketing and Business were great, as expected!

A challenging program, but also exciting, with reading, and programming, and oh so much writing.

My dogs, a good book, theatre, a rare steak: A few things I like when by mind needs a break.

A job in the field of marketing, I’d prefer, but I’d also settle for search engine optimizer.

I am a hard worker, on time and respectful. With manners and due dates I’m by no means neglectful!

Thank you for reading some information about me. As for where I wind up, I’ll just have to wait and see!



Carly Wastasecoot – Digital Marketing Coordinator

My name is Carly Wastasecoot and I am currently enrolled in the Business Administration: Sales and Internet Marketing program at Robertson College. I enrolled in hopes of beginning a new and exciting career in the expanding field of internet marketing. I have always had an interest in marketing and a love for the internet. Combining these two passions into a career path seemed to make sense. Over the course of the program, I have discovered a passion for analytics and website optimization. My goal after graduation is to find work as a digital marketing coordinator, utilizing my skills in search engine optimization and web analysis. I am excited to see what the future holds for me!



Donald BiaboDigital Marketing Analyst

My name is Donald Biabo. I was born in Central Africa, in country called Cameroon which is located next to Nigeria, and I have moved to Canada ten years ago with my family. From my work and life experience here, I have developed a lot of new personal skills that involves interacting with people, direct marketing and customer service. I have always had a deep sense of interest for the concept of marketing. I really admire its idea of networking and sharing different ideas, products and services to help people get what they need. I am driven and motivated when it comes to working with people because it has helped me learn a lot about different personalities and from there I have developed a mind-set that allowed me to adapt myself to any circumstances whether relationally, academically or professional and to deal with life in a mature and business-like manner.

My goal is to graduate from the business program and to find a job as a marketing specialist. I am passionate about working with people in the marketing industry as it will allow me to learn new skills and expand my knowledge in this field. I am very grateful and thankful for Robertson College and their staff. They have given me the knowledge, guidance and support necessary for me to boldly and confidently take a leap of faith into the marketing world.



SSSH –  Sales and Marketing Coordinator

I grew up in a large family, which owned several businesses, and I used to help out around selling and marketing. I got really good at it and I really enjoy it. I’m a recent high school graduate who is eager to start my career in business. I have enjoyed my time at Robertson College; students get one on one time with instructors. Once I graduate I’m hoping to become a Sales and Marketing Coordinator.



Abibu GeulordDigital Marketing Analyst

I moved from Africa to Winnipeg three years ago which was a good life experience. I decided to go back to school to obtain a qualification and I was interesting in Business Administration: Internet Sales/Marketing, because I like to work as a marketing specialist. In my country I took Economics at university, which is very similar to business administration. I enjoy interacting with people, advertising, promoting and selling products.  In this regard, I am pleased to start my career in Business Administration: Internet Sales/Marketing.



Spencer SmithMarketing Analyst

Hi my name is Spencer Smith, and I am a student of the Business Administration Internet Sales and Marketing program at Robertson College. As a recent high school graduate I wasn’t sure what the next step of my education would be, but after enrolling at Robertson College I have found the ideal career path. I have always enjoyed communicating with people in a way that allows me to understand who they are and what they want to accomplish. At Robertson College I have learned marketing fundamentals, honed my interpersonal skills and have enhanced my ability to set goals and achieve those goals. With the essential education and know-how attitude I have built over these months, I am confident of my future in the world of internet marketing and business.



Irwin FletcherSales and Marketing Coordinator

Bringing with me past experiences in sales and marketing, and combined with my current advanced education in Sales and Internet Marketing through Robertson College; I believe my integrity and drive will lead me to be an asset to any company that I associate myself with. Knowledgeable in all things sales and client service, and bringing a keen knowledge of modern marketing tactics makes me a great fit with any team. With a passionate interest in all things active and healthy lifestyle, combined with a love for sport and giving back to the community, I believe I am a well-rounded individual. I also bring a found enthusiasm for dogs, and a sense of pride when it comes to yard work.