About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Millions of people around the globe utilize a search engine each and every day to access vital information…

…We use search engines to access vital information, including queries of “what is the weather like”, and “restaurants in Winnipeg”. By entering those keywords, we are displayed a list of relevant websites on the search engine results page that pertain to what we are looking for. That is due to the fact that those websites have maintained a quality control over their Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of maintaining a website’s content and keywords to assure that they are relevant to what people might be searching for.

Search engines themselves (such as Google, Bing, etc.) have employed the use of special “bots” that scan websites for quality assurance. If the keywords used on a website have little or nothing to do with the business itself (such as a lumber store that uses “shoes” as a keyword), or the content found on the website is not relevant to what the website promises to be, these bots might lower your ranking on their search engine. A lower rank means a less than quality experience, which overall moves the listing of a website to lower on the results page.


Having excellent Search Engine Optimization will not only help your customers find your website easier, it will also allow for you to achieve better results on the results page of a search engine. It is important to take time in considering quality keywords, ones that are relevant and tactful in order to build your online presence. It is also crucial to assure that your website offers quality content, which will continue to draw customers back onto visiting your page, as well as a better chance of people sharing a link back to your website. If the search engine bots detect a high level of bounce on your website (people leaving the site after only quickly viewing it), it takes into consideration that your website might not have the most engaging or relevant content on it.

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Thankfully, maintaining good Search Engine Optimization is not difficult. There are a slew of helpful tools that allow you to search and analyse potential keywords that you could use. For example, Google offers a tool known as the Keyword Planner, where other alternatives such as KeywordTool.IO exist. By entering a search phrase, you are able to see what keywords people are searching with in order to find relevant content.



Search Engine Optimization at Robertson College

At Robertson College, students gain the knowledge and training within the field of Search Engine Optimization that can be utilized in the world of internet marketing. As more and more businesses plan to build their online presence, having the knowledge of SEO under your belt is something that will most certainly pay off in the workplace.

You’ll focus on learning the fundamentals of SEO, as well as analysing and creating relative content and keywords in order to improve search engine results of a webpage. While doing so, you’ll grasp the constant process of developing content that is worthy of people linking to.

Students will learn the following subjects of SEO at Robertson College


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