Dining at The Forks Market

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Are you asking yourself where to eat while visiting The Forks? Look no further! I have put together a list of what I think are the best places to eat, not just at The Forks, but in all of Winnipeg! Over the past six years, Winnipeg’s restaurant scene has shaken off its meat-and-potatoes reputation and become a foodie destination. From reinvented diner meals to refined plates made from Canadian ingredients, here are 5 delicious ways to experience the change.


  1. Bindy’s Caribbean Delights– If you are at The Forks Market and craving a flavourful roti as big as a football look no further. They make their own roti shell, their tamarind sauce is nice and tangy, and if you like spicy be sure to try their pepper sauce. With many curried potato and chickpea items Bindy’s is a great choice for vegans, while it’s also one of the few places in the city where you can get a nice goat curry. The price is very reasonable. The portion is huge and the people who work there are so efficient and friendly.


2. Fergie’s Fish and Chips– At Fergie’s the batter is as crisp while the steamed fish inside is moist. They have been open since 2004, and are located in The Forks Market. Their crisp chips, creamy tartar sauce, and cream-based chowder bring in the line ups every lunch hour. The quality vs the small price you pay is outstanding! If your dining at The Forks, you won’t regret coming here.


3. KYU Grill- Here you will find the best heroshimas in the world, this two-time winner of ManyFest’s Food Truck Wars, have brought their famous heroshimas to the market! These hot dog-like creations are saucy, and overloaded with things such as nori, fried panko, scallions, and many more. You can choose from 6 different bases including pork belly, chicken and tofu. If you’re not interested in that, they also serve Japanese curries, spicy pulled pork poutine on fat crispy fries, udon bowls, and more! When dining at The Forks you are sure you find something to suit your desires!


4. Nuburger- Tasty, beautiful, exciting and awesomely messy, Nuburger has won Le Burger Week every year it has been held in Winnipeg. Their delicious burgers are made from free-range and grass-fed meat. They have a massive variety of beef, chicken, and veggie burgers, including the winners, the Shang-Awesome, Summer Breeze, and The Stamos. There burgers are piled high with ingredients like grilled pineapple, aioli, and local cheeses from Bothwell. It is highly recommended for carnivores and vegetarians alike.


5. Tall Grass Prairie- They are incredibly knowledgeable about food production and supporting farmers, and it is simply one of the best bakeries in Winnipeg. If you enjoy baked goods made from quality ingredients, you have to stop at Tall Grass and pick up a treat. Some of my favourites are the cinnamon buns and their bannock with jam. It is a lovely bakery where you can also get loafs of bread, granola, sweets, and more, and they have gluten free options!

The Forks is not just the best place to eat in Winnipeg, it is also one of the greatest attractions we have. You can enjoy a beautiful stroll by the river, go on ferry rides, ice skate in the winter, they have a wonderful playground for children, and so much more!

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