Repurposing is to reuse an object or item in a new-way or for a new-use from its original intended use.  Re-cycle it or repurpose it by modifying  it or to ” MacGyver It “  into something with a new-use, thus repurpose!


Have you ever broken , chipped, or cracked one of your household possessions and were going to throw it out but just couldn’t? You couldn’t throw it in the garbage because in the back of your mind you figure its still has some place it can be of use, instead of going in the garbage.  So you stuff it away in a cupboard, drawer or closet to add to the many other things that you are now basically hoarding!

 Follow us to to our next stop, in an adventure in repurposing, because repurposing is a great way to keep things out of the dump and give your home a new-look from finding a new-use from the items your going to repurpose.