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Panda Bubble Tea
Panda Tea mango slush with tapioca
Green tea milk tea

Winnipeg!! Beat the summer heat with Panda Tea!

But first let’s talk about the spot! The smell, the music, the atmosphere is calm and relaxing. The tea shop is very cosy and quaint!

I’ve never seen this of a small bubble tea cafe style spot with no line. Customer line up is often right to the door. I’ve order many things from the menu and haven’t found one I didn’t like yet.


Panda Tea have what I was searching for here in Winnipeg. Their menu had endless choices of bubble milk teas, bubble tea slush and bubble tea yakult! Customers have the option of sugar and ice levels of their choice. We are also able to choose various toppings to go into the drinks.

The presentation of the deserts is quite elegant; however, the deserts themselves are overpriced, and could do with more flavouring

One time I bought a custard desert from Panda Tea.  The custard container was quite nice, but the custard itself is almost flavourless, but the texture was perfect for my taste.  Additionally, I am shocked at how much the desert cost, especially for the small size.  I would expect something much bigger, for the same price.

When you compare it to other places, like Asia City’s bubble tea which tastes more of an artificial flavour. Rather than at Panda Tea where you can taste that hint of tea in the slushes that it should have in it, hence “bubble tea”. I love! love! love! the taste of their bubbles, sago and other toppings they offer.

Let’s face it: You can’t beat the summer heat with just water. So why not visit Panda tea. 


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