Greatest Wings in Town – Little Bones Wings


7 Of the Best Wings/Appetizers to Try At Little Bones

I can still remember when this organization came into fruition. You actually believed a heaven existed in the skies or “Angels on Wheels”, if you will. I get chills up and down my spine every time I reminisce about the first time I had tried these remarkable, stunning wings, outside the Toys R’ Us on Regent Avenue. I immediately fell in love with the taste, flavor, and their culture. I’m writing this blog post today to raise awareness of potentially the best wings in Canada and seven of the most must haves at this well-renowned restaurant. Enjoy!

Beautiful display of Little Bones Wings

1. Spicy Hot Spicy

These wings are my personal favorite. Awesomely spicy, but not “melt your face off” spicy. Unlike a lot of hot sauce, this hot sauce also has real flavor. These were the wings I first tried at the food truck and remember walking around with a full face covered in sauce, walking into Costco on such a busy day. I didn’t care my face was covered because they were so darn good; I had to keep stuffing my face. Highly recommend trying this combination if your into spicy. Rating 4.9/5.0.

Spicy Hot Spicy

2. Smokey Ranch

Another beautiful looking wing, she is drizzled with ranch then seasoned in Smoldering Smoked Apple-wood Seasoning. These wings are an instant triumph and will hit the right spot every time. A great combination of ingredients to get those taste buds watering. The first time I had these wings they were recommended by the owner of the restaurant and I thank him to this day. Rating 4.6/5.0.

Smokey Ranch

3. Near Death-Za

Combine the combinations of both the A.N.D.E.(A Near Death Experience) and the All-Mighty Za to get a fiercely fiery but delicious combination. The first time I had these wings, I was humiliated. I’ve always liked spicy and can handle it very well comparable to others. I went to eat with a bunch of women and decided today would be the day I that I tried these delicious but powerful wings. After the first one, I started sweating profusely and the I needed liters of water just to make it look like I was alright; I wasn’t. My face was covered in sauce and I was basically crying in front of these women but I had to keep pushing through I had to finish the 14 that were on my plate to prove to them I was the man. When I finally finished the plate I thought I must’ve been some sort of god like entity for being able to do so and then I look over at my friend and he’s fine, literally made me look like a chump. Hahaha. Always good times at Little Bones Wings, many memories. Rating 4.2/5.0.

Near-Death Za

4. From The Bayou

This is my second favorite wing. It is a cream based, chipotle-oriented sauce. Great combination of flavor, not spicy but very savory. This classic flavor is great, this was the second wing that I tried and expectantly had a sense of admiration for this tremendous combo. Me and my friend, Kevin Zadworny, were on a mission after the first time we tried Little Bones Wings, by trying every single wing combination on the menu and this one is still in our top fives of all time. Rating 4.8/5.0.

From The Bayou

5. Frickles

Your choice of quarter-cut, dill breaded pickle spears, or a giant handful of house made breaded pickle chips. Served with Ranch on the side or side of choice. Before I tasted these “Frickles”,  I never had the pleasure of a deep-fried pickle. Well I sure glad I did because I acquire a side of them every time I order. Rating 4.2/5.0.


6. Nacho Sticks (Con Quesos) 

The Con Quesos are a fan favorite. It is an indescribable amount of flavor in your mouth. It is a deep-fried cheese, covered in a spicy tortilla breading with added spices for a mouth-watering adventure. These were also recommended to me when I first started coming to Little Bones Wings. They were the perfect appetizer to get your taste buds working to enjoy the freshness of the wings you were about to be served. Never forget about these Con Quesos. Rating 4.5/5.0.

Nacho Sticks

7. Nacho Checkered Fries

A little bit out of the ordinary from the normal fries you may order at a restaurant. Little Bones has choice, that’s what makes them so diverse. I grab a side order of these fries almost every single time I place something for dine-in or take-out. It is a checkered potato fry, drenched in nacho cheese sauce, green onions, sour cream and can add ground beef or jalapenos for a more gripping experience. I, of course, always get the extra additions. For some reason, with all these extras my friend is still adamant to dip them in ketchup. Hahaha. Rating 4.7/5.0.

Checker Fries