Project Management


What Is Project Management?

Project Management is more than just learning how to manage a project, but how to manage the teams of people, learning the skills to help keep a project successful, and how to properly end a project.

Project management shows you all the different roles in a project, from the top level CEO and management jobs, all the way down to the supervisor and front-line workers duties.

Project Management gives you the skills to deal with any project whether it’s making posters or building a house and everything in between.

What Can I Learn From Project Management?

Lots of people think that projects just start and stop but there’s a lot more that goes into a project than that. You learn how to deal with unexpected problems, how to manage a team and handle the conflicts that may arise. You need to know all of the real world terms like Scope, Scope Creep, and

Deliverables. A project is like the inside of a clock, you need to know how to use all the gears to understand how it works, and how to fix it when it breaks.

Project Management will give you the skills to be successful as a manager, supervisor, a team member, or just someone arranging their own personal project(s). You’ll learn key skills like why projects fail and how to avoid that possibility, making a Request For Proposal (RFP), and how to work effectively in teams and what type of teams there are.

You also learn how to make schedules, timelines, reports, budgets and more. No matter what you’re looking to do this class can help you in your workplace and personal projects too.

Is this a class for me?


This class isn’t just for the managers and supervisors, heck it’s not even just for the workplace either, it’s for everyone.

Everyone does projects on a daily basis we just don’t see it that way, it could be something as small as making a commitment to put on a birthday party or wedding, to something as huge as building a house.

You learn how to make crucial documents like schedules and budgets, and you also learn how to avoid project failure and going over budget.

It’s a skill you can use for anything and it will definitely give all your projects an extra positive boost.

Where Can I Use These Skills?

From home renovation projects, to major work projects, these skills can carry you through anything.

You’ll never have to wonder if your project will be good or bad because you have the skills and knowledge to keep your project at the top of it’s game.

It won’t completely change your life, but it will help give you that extra little edge at work that could get you that Christmas bonus you’re looking for, or maybe you’ve been eyeing a nice management position.

No matter what your need is or what you’re doing Project Management is for you and is something you will use every day.

This Post Was Written By: Mykala-Lynn Johnson, BIM 10