Social Media

Of the many courses that are offered in the BIM program, Social Media was one of my favourites.  Prior to taking this course, I was unaware of how important social media is when it comes down to the marketing aspect of business. Social media has transformed from a communication tool into a marketplace over the years. With it’s many great features, it allows for fast spreading of new or existing campaigns, which can ultimately bring you to having more leads.

There are many social media platforms in today’s world. All of these platforms are designed and created to post and share content, as well as participate in social networking.


Twitter              pinterest-4-512             instagram


Throughout the course, I’ve learnt all about different social media platforms, branding, customer conversions, conversion rate, Pre-Roll Ads, brand evangelists, viral marketing and much more. The course covers anything from direct messaging to online advertising. There really is more to social media than meets the eye.

Each platform offers different tools for businesses to market their products. For example, you can connect your Twitter account to HootSuite to program and automate tweets to be posted at specific times. Technology is advancing before the blink of an eye. It really seems that every day social media changes.





Created by Meagan Dupuis, BIM 10